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We bring the power of trusted Microsoft products to our clients’ various business needs:

  •  Microsoft SharePoint
  •  Microsoft .NET Programming
  •  Microsoft Azure

We’ve been on the frontline of business and IT for more than 2 decades. The core experience of Metis NET members  are in logistics, accounting, and office management. We apply our expertise to these areas and more with solutions and tooling based on Microsoft products.

We are extremely proud to announce our new partnership with WEBCON!

It's an ever-changing world...

At Metis NET, we strive to cooperate with our clients to create useful and rich experiences in content delivery through devices of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  We aim to be more than just a mere hired service -  as professionals, we seek an active role as responsible project stakeholders, offering sound advice, integrating systems, and placing business functionality into required hands through apps.

Businesses of all sizes employ WorkFlows to streamline work processes manage their through Microsoft SharePoint, and this feature can be considered one of the most crucial and powerful tools for productivity.  At Metis NET, we are involved with WorkFlow solutions and have teamed up with WEBCON, a global heavyweight in the WorkFlow arena. 

WEBCON offers their world-class WEBCON BPS solution as an extremely powerful yet cost-effective WorkFlow product, and Metis NET is there to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing support.  For more information about what WEBCON offers, please visit their web site:  WEBCON

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